Roman Blinds – Omaha, NE

Custom Roman blinds from Designer Blinds & Shutters are an easy way to provide light control in your Omaha home or office while adding a touch of personal style to your window treatments. Roman blinds are a bit different from conventional window shades or window blinds because they are made of decorative fabric which becomes completely flat when lowered, and folds up evenly like an accordion when raised. Roman blinds are not ribbed or layered when lowered, which makes them even more effective for light control in any room of your Omaha home. Our Omaha customers love Roman shades and blinds because when raised, they create the appearance of a window valance, allowing you to achieve an elegant style without the need for multiple window coverings!

Our Roman window blinds installation experts will help you create the ideal Roman blinds for your windows. Roman blinds from Designer Blinds & Shutters offer several advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Fully customizable – Our luxurious Roman blinds are custom-fit to any window in your Omaha home or office. We create our custom Roman window blinds from top-quality designer blinds fabrics that we can match to any wall colors or patterns and prints on your furniture to create a cohesive look.
  • Energy Efficient – Roman blinds help block UV rays and can help you save money on your utility bills, as well as protect your furniture from damage.
  • Maximum Light Control–Due to the fact that Roman blinds are made from a single sheet of fabric, there are no cracks for unwanted light to filter through, making this a great option for rooms in your Omaha home, such as bedrooms, that need complete light control and darkness when necessary.
  • Low-Maintenance–Roman blinds are incredibly easy use and maintain. Our custom roman blinds are made of the highest quality decorative fabrics from top Roman shade manufacturers, so you can rest assured that your colorful Roman window blinds are created to retain their colors and resist wear and tear for years to come.
  • Versatile–Designer Blinds & Shutters offers Roman blinds in any style, texture, color, or pattern you can imagine, and we provide you with multiple style options, including flat Roman blinds or cascade Roman blinds that appear differently when raised.

Why Choose Designer Blinds & Shutters for Your Custom Roman Blinds?

Combining over 16 years of industry experience with budget-friendly & efficient window shade installation services, Designer Blinds & Shutters is Omaha’s alternative to Budget Blinds. We not only provide superior residential and commercial window blinds and shades installation to Omaha and the surrounding areas, but we also offer in-home estimates and one-on-one guidance on choosing the best Roman window blinds for your unique needs. At Designer Blinds & Shutters, we’re passionate about serving our Omaha friends and neighbors. Our goal is to combine exceptional customer care with window shade installation services that are a cut above the rest when it comes to efficiency, affordability, and overall satisfaction.

Our Roman blinds installation team is comprised of seasoned professionals capable of installing all the major window treatment brands, including Hunter Douglas, Alta, Norman Shutters, Bali Blinds, Graber Shutters, Lafayette Allure Blinds and Shades, and more. Get your custom Roman blinds installed by professionals who are passionate about achieving the #1 goal of Designer Blinds & Shutters—to provide the same options and inventory as major franchises such as Budget Blinds, with workmanship performed only by passionate industry experts who won’t be satisfied until you are!

Contact Designer Blinds & Shutters today for a free consultation and estimate for your custom residential or commercial Roman blinds and shades. Find out why we are Omaha’s one-stop-shop for your window treatment needs!