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January 20, 2022

Drapes or Draperies Trends for 2022

When it comes to custom curtains and drapes, Designer Blinds & Shutters in Omaha, is your go-to spot. With over 20 years of combined experience serving our Omaha neighbors and friends, we know curtains, drapes, blinds and shutters! We work with the top manufacturers, brands and franchises to bring you the latest trends and best materials so that your home becomes your showplace. Whether functionality and privacy are your number one priority or high end design and jaw dropping glamour are more your speed, we’ve got the design team to help you find the perfect custom window treatments for your home. 

We get a lot of questions around custom curtains and drapes or draperies. We get questions about trends and functionality. A lot of people think of curtains or drapes and immediately  picture their grandmother’s house. Gone are the days of frilly flowers and ribbons and layers. Custom curtains and drapes have gone more minimalistic and much more natural. Here are some basic guidelines to help you decide which type of curtain or drape is right for you. 

Drapery or Curtain Style Trends: 

  1. Classic – full large curtains, usually paired with a tulle or iridescent underlay. Very basic and can be effectively used in any room.
  2. French – Always done with a very high end and heavy fabric. A valence should accompany this style. Usually reserved for living rooms. 
  3. English – Easy to spot this type due to the ribbon tie backs on each side of the window. 

Fabric trends for 2022 are going to be Cottens, linens and velvets. The trendiest of looks will implement an easy combination of linen or dense materials with a heavy velvet like material. 

Drapery or Curtain Color Trends: 

  1. Bold shades – Navy blue, peach and heavy chocolats colors are some examples of bold. 
  2. Natural Hues – Think backdrop settings such as green, brown, purple or blue to bring out colors reminiscent of nature and to bring it into the home. 
  3. Neutral colors – beige, grays, or milk tones for softening up a cold, hard space. 

Color Trends for 2022 are going to lean towards simplicity and functionality while bringing nature inside through a minimalistic natural look. 

Whatever your design ideas are, we can make your space come together with a finished look after installing a set of custom curtains and drapes from Designer Blinds & Shutters. 

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